adcleek-picto-adcleekIndependent trading desk

Specializing in technical optimization online campaigns, adcleek offers the advertising market management and optimization of online campaigns in real time.
Using behavioral targeting and retargeting strategies, adcleek allows advertisers to target a useful hearing on all adexchanges and optimize the efficiencies of campaigns.

• A team of experts

The adcleek team have acquired different skills (plurimedia consulting, online acquisition, marketing analysis, traffic analysis, computer engineering, learning predictive models). This expertise is used to serve the understanding of issues and web are the guarantors of quality service committed to the success of campaigns. 

• Our commitments


adcleek agrees to provide a list of websites (Top XX to be defined) on which the banners will be diffused .

On the other hand, a qualitative assessment of the distribution is always presented at the end of campaign banners visibility , quality traffic , lessons and ideas to improve it.


Data “first party” collected on the website of our clients are exclusively used to optimize the results of client campaigns.

NDA ( confidentiality agreement) is available to our customers.


Branding (e- reputation) is a natural issue for advertisers and online campaigns can provide bad surprises in terms of websites, contexts , themes.

Our tool BRAND SAFETY allow verification and optimization purchased spaces ( real-time analysis of the quality of materials)


  • All collected data is strictly anonymous.
  • To display the most relevant users banners , we customize these banners with recent data navigation by reading the cookies of the users.
  • No information collected is personal : no user can be personally identified.

More information :


An account manager is dedicated to daily campaign monitoring and reporting actions.

• ADCLEEK : a specific approach

adcleek has developed specific products :



Learning and predictive analysis : from the activity of users on the website, we estimate the probabilities for a visit to reach the objectives of the campaign ( click , download, purchase of product) depending on the context (source , history of previous visits), and to adjust the traffic acquisition price.

This information will thus complete the third party data commonly used for targeting campaigns and allow us to optimize the strategies recommended . DATATLINK is particularly useful for websites that have low conversion rates. More event is rare, it is more important to look at the course of web between click and conversion.



Geolink is an approach that allows the quantification of the influence of geography on the results of a campaign. For brands including store network, we optimize real-time data from campaigns by the proximity of users to outlets .

This technology allows users to send dynamic customization based on their navigation or place banners connection .

These measurements are performed at several levels : country, region, county, town, city.

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