picto-droiteReal Time Bidding is a new technology to buy, in real time auction, an advertising space on a website for a particular user. Unlike the display space purchases usually made ​​in volume and at a fixed price, the principle is based on the purchase of a hearing.

Most of the added value of the purchase in real time is its targeting ability : the advertiser buys impression by impression, according to precise criteria for targeting.

A complementary channel to the different levers that allows web :

  • More effectively targeted online marketing campaigns,
  • Buy only the audience you are interested in,
  • Go to an exponential and unlimited market,
  • Improve efficiency (media and financial) and the fluidity of the management of advertising campaigns,
  • Maximize return on investment

A very recent history in France that recalls IAB France

• The mechanics


• Marketplaces

An ad exchange is an automated platform for the buying and selling of spaces (impressions) advertising in real time. As the stock market, each space (impression) is available for auction by the seller (website publishers or ad network) and assigned to the issuer of the highest bid (advertiser trading desk, media agency or ReTargeter). This way of selling impressions favors : transparency (the bidder knows how much and why he pays) and the time saved through the automation of deals and implementation of campaigns.

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